Outdoor Living Space Home Automation Wayzata MN

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space with Home Automation

It’s springtime in Minnesota which means that Minnesotans everywhere are bursting at the seams with excitement to get outdoors after a long winter cooped up inside!  Let’s face it; we only get a handful of months to enjoy the warm weather – how are you planning to make the most of it? From entertaining family…
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Troubleshooting the DSC Keyboard

Troubleshooting the DSC Keypad

Home security keypads have various settings and trouble conditions that can arise. In this blog post, we cover many of the most common trouble conditions that may need to be set or reset on your DSC keypad.  Identifying these trouble conditions can save you time by fixing them yourself. Your Light Is On – Here’s…
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SLH - 5 Reasons to Install Home Security Cameras

5 Reasons to Install Home Security Cameras

One of the most significant impacts we’ve experienced as a result of COVID-19  is more time spent at home, and as a result of this, more money spent ON our homes.  During the COVID months of March, April, and May, a study showed that 57% of homeowners invested in one or more home improvement projects.…
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5 Must Have Smart Home Features Wayzata MN

5 Must-Have Smart Home Features

Smart home enthusiasts have been gushing over home automation for decades but not until recently has it become mainstream.  In 2018, a study found that more than half of U.S. households own at least 1 smart home gadget, and of that group, over a third own two or more.  With so much momentum in the…
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3 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Home Security System

We all want to feel safe in our home yet finding the right home security system can be intimidating.  With so many options and features, it’s difficult to know where to begin or even what you should be looking for. Here are 3 important factors to consider when learning the in’s and out’s of different…
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What is an User Code?

How many people should have a key to your house? There’s you and your partner. Your kids may need their keys after school. Then there’s your neighbor. He walks your dog when you’re away, although you used a pet-sitter last vacation because he was out of town. Should you babysitter have a key? Maybe. If…
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When an emergency strikes at home and every second counts, fast, reliable communication is essential. It’s why every security system includes professional security monitoring and a dedicated cellular connection. Now, has released Smart Signal, a new type of emergency protection. Smart Signal gives you a direct connection to your home’s monitoring station from…
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