Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of a central vacuum system?
A central vacuum system offers many benefits not found in portable vacuums. A central vacuum system allows you to access a powerful vacuum just by hooking up the hose to a wall inlet in any room. The motor is located apart from the living area of your home, so it is much quieter than a traditional vacuum. In addition, central vacuums are more effective in the battle against allergies and they draw out up to five times the amount of dirt as a conventional vacuum.

How many outlets should my system have?
This depends on the square footage of your home. Most central vacuum systems have a 30 foot hose kit so you can travel up to 30 feet in each direction of each outlet. You can estimate 1 outlet per 800 square feet.

What happens if my vacuum loses suction?
This usually happens when the pipe is clogged or the filter needs attention or replacement. If you have pets you must clean the filter and empty the canister to prevent clogging. It is recommended to do this every 3 months.

What is the convenience of a vacuum dustpan?
Vacuum dustpans are typically put in the mudroom, kitchen and some bathrooms throughout the house. They allow you to sweep dirt into the dustpan, which will suck the refuse into the main vacuum unit.

Can a central vacuum be retrofitted?
Yes, but it is best to install your central vacuum system during new construction or the remodeling process.

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