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Home security camera systems allow you to monitor and record activity on your property.

Our custom home security camera systems go beyond monitoring your front door.  At SLH we take the headache out of trying to piece together a solution. Instead, we design custom security systems that protect the entirety of your home, day and night.

With a variety of technologies to choose from, we’ll guide you through the details that matter, including resolution, placement, camera type, power source, storage, and more to design a solution that uniquely fits your needs.

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Color Night Vision Camera – Better Imagery and Better Protection When It Matters Most

Tiandy Color Maker Cameras Minneapolis St. Paul

Traditional cameras display night footage in black and white, making faces, license plates, corners, and details hard to see on camera. However, there is a better solution. Combined with a large aperture and large sensor, Tiandy Color Maker technology enable cameras to obtain large amounts of light in low light environments. Even on totally dark nights, cameras equipped with Color Maker technology can capture vivid color images and find more details in scenes with the help of warm light illumination. The result? Better imagery and better protection inside and outside your business when it matters most.


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