FAQ - Alarm Troubleshooting

If my system isn't working properly, whom do I call?
If you have a trouble light on the screen you can refer to the document here to identify what if the problem is a common issue. If these options don't fix the problem feel free to call the SLH Home Systems office at 952-224-5450 and we will attempt to trouble shoot the issue over the phone or set up a service call.

The keypad says low battery; what should I do?
The first step is to check the battery. If the battery is old it may just need replaced. If the power has gone out recently the  system has most likely reverted to the back-upbattery which may take up to 12 hours to fully recharge. Your keypad will show a trouble light and will beep until the battery is charged, replaced or the key pad is silenced using the # key. If the trouble light does not go off within 36 hours of a power loss, you may need to replace the battery. Call our office at 952-224-5450 for service.

What do I do if I forget my alarm code or want to change my alarm code?
The steps for changing your code are listed in your user manual. If these directions are not clear, you can call SLH Home Systems and have a technician walk you through the programming steps. If you forget your code call 952-224-5450 for assistance, we will either help you change it or set up a service call.

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