FAQ - Future Proofing

What is future proofing?
Future proofing means you are pre-wiring your home with extra wires so they are available for newer technology down the road. This gives you extra capabilities to do more in the future even if you don’t want or think you need it now. Research has shown future proofing also increases the value of your home.

When is the best time to future proof my home?
During new construction or remodeling.

Can I upgrade to structured wiring later?
Yes, but it is much more expensive and could require drywall repair.

What are the different types of wire used for?
Category 5 or Category 6 wire has many uses; it can be used for phone, computer networks, security, component video, HDMI video, CCTV, RS232, RS485 and numerous other automation uses. RG -6 shield coax is typically used for antenna, cable and satellite distribution throughout a home.

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