FAQ - Security System

Whom should I call if I have questions on how to operate my security system?
Some problems can be solved by simply referring to your manual, viewing our instructional videos or viewing the alarm troubleshooting FAQ's. If you need additional assistance please call the SLH Home Systems office at 952-224-5450.

If the power to my home goes out will my security system continue to work?
Yes, there is a back-up 12-volt battery in place to keep your system working for 12 to 72 hours.

What do I do in the event of a false alarm?
The 24-hour dispatch center will call the home or cell phone number they have on record to verify the alarm. Wait for the dispatch center to call you and have your password ready. However, if you do not receive a call you can call the appropriate dispatch center to report the false alarm. To report the false alarm to Criticom / CMS call 1-800-631-2299 or for Wright Hennepin call 1-800-858-7811. Make sure to have your password on hand.

How do I change the people on my emergency contact list?
Any changes must be submitted in writing to SLH Home Systems by email at info@slhsystems.com or by fax at 952-224-5451.

How much does a security system cost?
They can start as low as $99 but each system is custom-designed for your home or business and your security needs. We will discuss the goals you have regarding your system based on your specific needs. We will be sure to beat any quote you have received elsewhere.

Will I get a discount from my insurance company after my alarm is installed?
Many insurance companies offer significant discounts up to 20% for having a security system installed in your home or business. Discounts vary depending on whether the system is monitored or not, typically non-monitored systems don’t receive a discount. It is best to contact your insurance company prior to installation to find out any specific requirements they may have.

How do I get a certificate of monitoring to give to my insurance company?
After your security system is connected to the monitoring station, SLH Home Systems will provide you with a certificate of monitoring for your insurance company.

Will someone come out after installation and show my family how to use the alarm? 
SLH Home Systems offers training to familiarize you with your new system to ensure you know how to operate the system. At the time of the install you will be trained by our technicians.

Will my pets set off my alarm? 
There are ways to set your alarm so that your pets will not affect it. Please let SLH Home Systems know about your pets and how much they weigh during the design of your system, or if pets are added to your family after your system is installed.

Can my current smoke detectors be connected to my alarm system?
Due to regulations we cannot use your current smoke detectors; we can only connect smoke detectors provided by SLH Home Systems.

What kind of sensors/detectors are there for my home?
You can include motion sensors, glass-break detectors, door and window contacts, low temperature, water detection, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke and heat detectors for your system.

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