FAQ - Home & Business Automation

What is home/business automation?
Home automation simply makes your home or business smarter. A common example of this is putting your holiday lights on timers. A home automation system can also accomplish more complex tasks such as lighting scenes, putting a timer on your thermostat, or performing specific tasks when you enter a room.

Is home automation expensive to install? 
Each home automation system is designed for your home or business and your specific wants and needs.

Can I get a home automation system installed in my existing home? 
Yes, Control4 has systems that can be installed in an existing home.

Why install a home automation system?
Home automation adds convenience to your home such as having the lights come on when you walk in the door, or turn on or off while you are on vacation. Our favorite automation is the all off or the double tap on the light switch. Hit the double tap as you walk out the door and the TV and lights will turn off, the temperature changes, the doors lock and the alarm system is turned on.

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