FAQ - Home Theater Seating & Room Dimensions

How large of a room is needed for theater chairs?
This depends on how many chairs you want to include in your home theater. Measuring from a seated position the first row of chairs should be 12’ to 13’ from the head of the person to the screen. Each chair is approximately 3’x3’ and requires 3 feet of walking space on each side of the chair. As a general rule a room should be at least 16’x20’. The room in the diagram below is 18'x22'.


 Theater Seating Diagram


Can you help me design the layout of our home theater?
If you are worried about figuring out how to layout the perfect home theater our design team at Che Bella Interiors will be happy to assist you.

Are there choices of colors for theater chairs?
Yes, there are many different fabrics, leather, color and style options available.

Can we get power or non-powered theater chairs?
Either option is available. If you do elect to have powered chairs, it is best to plan on having electrical outlets in the floor of the home theater.

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