FAQ - Home Theater

How large of a room is needed for a dedicated home theater?
It depends how many people you would like to be able to accommodate. Each home theater system is designed to fit the homeowner and their individual needs and desires. SLH Home Systems can help you design the home theater of your dreams.

Can I have a projector in a room that has windows?
Yes, any room can have a projection system today as long as you have a way to control the lighting.  Shades, draperies, and light dimmers can help accomplish this. We can also help improve conditions by using a special high-gain screen and higher light output projectors.

Should I get a large TV or a projector and screen?
It depends on what size you are looking for. TV’s go up to 90” but that is when they start to show flaws and lose the crisp edges of the picture. The 120” HD 1080P projection screen and the new Sony 4K projector will help you achieve the highest quality and clarity on a large screen. For pricing on Sony 4K projectors click here.

Will SLH Home Systems design my home theater room? 
SLH Home Systems will be happy to design your multimedia system and consult your family on the overall design of your room. We will work with your vision of the room to offer the best home entertainment experience. Depending on your needs we also have the interior designers at Che Bella Interiors to help create the perfect space.

How much is a home theater going to cost?
The cost of a home theater can range from a basic system costing $6,500, a high-end system costing up to $20,000, or a super high end system costing up to $100,000. A good budget for a system with 120 screen and projector is $10,000-$15,000.

Can I put a home theater in my existing home?
Yes, a home theater can be retrofitted, though it will take a little longer to install and there will most likely be some drywall repair work. SLH Home Systems has a very good reputation retrofitting existing rooms and is willing to work with you to turn your existing space into the home theater experience of your dreams.

If I have music on my computer can I play it in my home theater?
Yes, there are easy-to-use devices that can play music from your storage throughout your home.

Will my system be easy for my family to use?
SLH Home Systems will train you on how to use your new home theater or surround sound system and we are available to answer any questions. After you use it a couple of times, you’ll be a pro!

Is it necessary to insulate the ceiling and walls?
While it is not necessary it is often done to keep other areas of your home quiet. Here at SLH we have many techniques to deaden the sound and improve the acoustics of the room. We are more than willing to work with you and help you decide what would work best for your theater.

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