Halloween Home Automation

Use Your Home Automation for Halloween Fun


We all know the real world benefits of home automation. For example the ability to connect it to your security system giving you the ability to monitor your home remotely, automatic temperature control to bring your utility bills down and combining all of your devices into one simple remote to use. When you install your system eventually the luster might start to wear off, as it tends to with most things, as the ease of using the system becomes an everyday luxury.

Halloween presents a unique opportunity to utilize your system for a new purpose and bring back some of that initial excitement. The following list includes ways that you can use your home technology to startle the trick-or-treaters knocking at your door.

·         A doorbell speaker is the perfect way to speak to your visitors without them seeing anyone. Point out details specific to their costumes and they will wonder where you are hiding – little do they know you can do this from the comfort of your couch inside your home.

·         If you have your garage door integrated into your smart home system set up a spooky display and open the door when the trick-or-treaters are least expecting it.

·         Utilize your automated outdoor lighting to cut the lights and leave the kids in complete darkness. Don’t forget to change out the bulbs to create a red or orange hue.

·         If you like to be the one scaring your guests by jumping out of a hiding spot or following them up the walk use your motion sensors to provide you with a cue that you have visitors. Motion sensors can also be set up to trigger your lights to turn on or off in case you are unable to do that from your hiding spot.

If you manage to make a terrifying setup this Halloween don’t forget that you can capture all of the reactions on your video cameras! If you live in a tight-knit neighborhood send the best ones to the families of the trick-or-treaters.

Are you ready to take your Halloween frights to a new level? Call SLH today and talk to us about installing a home automation system!


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