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Let Be Your Eyes When You're Away


No one is able to watch their surveillance feed 24 hours a day. But came up with a solution that allows you to view the important video clips so you can see what is going on at your house when there is actually something worth watching.

With video monitoring you have the ability to see continuous recording if that is what you’re looking for. But for those of you that would rather tune in during specific activities at your house you now have the option to do so. You can set custom triggers to receive alerts of activities you care about. For example you can receive a video clip any time a car pulls into your driveway, a package is delivered, the front door is opened, motion is detected, or during an alarm event.

Notifications of the video clips can be sent by email or text message. Once you receive the notification you can view the clips on a computer, Smartphone or Smartwatch.

This is just one example of how is making it easier for you to keep an eye on your home when you aren’t there.

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